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16-04-2024Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company BolgarskiyRead full review

10-04-2024Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helpedRead full review

27-03-2024Valery (Russia)

I am very pleased that everything was fair, professional, and polite.

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20-03-2024Irina and Andrey (Germany)

The brokers and lawyers work very well and correctly. It's nice toRead full review

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Turkey or Bulgaria? Which country would be more appropriate?

Every day we have to make decisions. From simple and small to complex and vital that affect the future. None of the lived moments of life it is impossible to return and live again in order to change something. Therefore, in the choice of real estate it is important to try to see the positive and negative aspects in the country, which may seem attractive. In order to avoid rash decisions, let alone make a comparison between Turkey and Bulgaria.

In this review, we will try to look at each country in a new way, to learn something that maybe no one told us at the time we become "local" to learn what really have to face. To start to define the areas that should be compared in the first place:

  • Property prices and the possible prospects
  • The cost of maintaining the property
  • The standard of living in the country
  • Legislation and taxes
  • Language and cultural barriers


1. Apparently, there has been rapid growth in the demand for real estate. Parallel to the growing demand and prices. So for the last time, the cost of various housing units increased by 12%, and in some cases by 20%. This is not surprising. Until the demand falls, the price will rise. Now the average price for one square meter of real estate is from 800€ to 2000€. Why such a gap in prices? The answer is very simple. In some cities there is a rush to buy property. Realtors in turn artificially raise prices to increase profits from sales. How long Turkey will be able to hold attraction to their resorts are not known. But with full confidence we can say one thing. As soon as the fall the demand for property there will be a momentary drop in prices. Judging by multiyear progression value and the time may come soon enough. Because in recent years in some cities of Turkey the value of the property slept a few percent.

2. Contain Turkish property. Compiled a huge list of obligatory payments. Therefore, monthly utility bills will be about 130-170€ depending on the location of housing.

3. According to the world ranking of countries in terms of life Turkey is the 75-th place. The average monthly salary of about 350-400€. The country's economy is largely held by tourism activity.

4. Quite a different culture foreign language can be a serious barrier. Because in this country it's not often you hear native speech. Few people speak or at least understand Russian. In addition, the local men became famous for his rude attitude to women. Of course there are still many difficulties and differences will have to face.

5. It should be noted that the Turkish law is no different with its consistency especially in real estate. The laws are constantly undergoing changes and amendments. At the moment the annual property tax is 0.3-0.6%. Tax on purchase/sale of 4-8%. He is held on both sides. Tax on the profit from the sale is in the range of 15-35%.


1. If you look at the real estate market in this country you will notice a steady pricing with constant progression. The annual value is about 10% annually. Of course, there is no such a stunning price growth in Turkey. However, there is no artificial increase of the cost, and this is a huge plus. The same will not survive a rapid fall, which is the key to secure attachment. Although Bulgaria is located in the neighborhood with Turkey, the cost of one square meter is in the range of 600€-1000€. The quality parameters of this property is not inferior to Turkish. Since most buyers recently estimated the real attractiveness of the Bulgarian resorts, the demand for housing in this country continues to gain momentum. Investing now their funds in real estate in Bulgaria, you will be able to see the truth of these words, retaining and even increased all their capital.

2. Nobody says that in Bulgaria everything is cheap and nothing. But the monthly payment for utilities is significantly less than in other States. She is about 70-100€.

3. Bulgaria in the world ranking of countries by level of living of the population is much higher. This country was ranked 48th position. And wages here are much higher – about 450-500€. In addition to resort business in Bulgaria is well developed agriculture. In this regard, in the markets a huge variety of natural products at affordable prices.

4. In this country the government has established more loyal taxation policies. There are no permanent changes in interest rates. For example, the tax on the profit when selling real estate is just 10%. Purchase/sale costs of 5.5%. And the interest rate of the property tax is 0.3% and can be reduced by half in the case of residence in the property for most of the year.

5. In Bulgaria, on the contrary people from the same Slavic group that we are with you. Easier to find a common language, especially because most of the population speaks or understands Russian. In the Bulgarian culture has much in common with Russian traditions. And the hospitality and sociability of the Bulgarians will help to find new friends and simply to maintain good relations.

Probably after you read interesting facts and comments your opinion about these countries has changed. And maybe even dispelled the doubts that were still. Anyway, now it is much easier to make the right decision. Here's how he expressed his feelings to one of the buyers Bulgarian apartments: "the more positive you learn about the country, the more it attracts. You understand that in this country there is the opportunity to realize their dreams, spending a minimum of means".

Thank you.
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Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company Bolgarskiy

Read full 16-04-2024
Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helped

Read full 10-04-2024
Valery (Russia)

I am very pleased that everything was fair, professional, and polite.

Read full 27-03-2024
Irina and Andrey (Germany)

The brokers and lawyers work very well and correctly. It's nice to

Read full 20-03-2024
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