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16-04-2024Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company BolgarskiyRead full review

10-04-2024Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helpedRead full review

27-03-2024Valery (Russia)

I am very pleased that everything was fair, professional, and polite.

Read full review
20-03-2024Irina and Andrey (Germany)

The brokers and lawyers work very well and correctly. It's nice toRead full review

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Boris and Irina

Buyers from:Ukraine

Region:Saint Vlas

Property specifications:Apartment in Sky Dreams Residential Complex

Deal: January 2024

Good day, everyone. We have just bought an apartment in "Bolgarskiy Dom". We are very happy about this event and believe that our unexpected encounter with this enterprise will bring us luck in our new country. This is not some fake photomontage. These are all real feelings, and our attitude towards the enterprise is excellent. It is a very reliable life partner.

I think our small testimonial will help other compatriots to confidently make decisions regarding this enterprise. This enterprise, "Bolgarskiy Dom", will not disappoint. It is very reliable, very serious, and very responsible. We felt it during our stay in Bulgaria, during our cooperation. And we wish everyone to experience these positive feelings towards working together with "Bolgarskiy Dom". All the best to you!

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