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16-09-2022Alexander, seller (Russia)

The transaction went well, safely. I am completely satisfied with their work.

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31-08-2022Valentina, buyer-seller (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

Very clear, responsible, fast, wonderful.

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15-06-2022Olga buyer from Ukraine, Dnipro

Thank you very much for our beautiful little house by the sea.

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06-06-2022Michael, seller (Russia)

Thank you very much! You sold our apartments in Bulgaria in aRead full review

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Cabin in the mountains of Bulgaria: why, how much and how

All guests Bulgaria can be divided into two groups: one comes to rest in the mountains, the other on the sea. Of course, both the gift of good nature in his own way and cannot be compared. But the mountains in Bulgaria, unlike the sea, can surprise. If the black sea coast retains the same manner, regardless of the country in which You are, then the mountains of Bulgaria - unique. And if Your trip to Bulgaria is only planned, not deprived, attention to its mountainous terrain. After all, they yet occupy a third of the country. And hence, the concept of mountains and Bulgaria are inseparable.

But what about buyers? Whether they decide to buy a house in the mountains? What can please the mountain? What are the features of life in a private home? How much will cost and how is buying a home in Bulgaria? All in good time.

Prospects in the mountains

So, that will give You own a house in Bulgaria in the mountains? This question should be viewed from several sides:

  • the quality of the stay;
  • material benefit;
  • standard of living;
  • the liquidity of real estate.

The quality of rest.. So, with the purchase of a house in the mountains, You get the Grand prize: quality and variety. You're talking about? First, You probably immediately think of ski resorts. And rightly so. Such world-famous, and not only in Russia, Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets is a mountainous settlements with developed infrastructure, good schools for skiers, modern ski slopes of varying difficulty, hotels, restaurants and beautiful snowy landscapes.there are European competitions in Alpine skiing and biathlon.

The second type of vacation is mountain Hiking. On the territory of the mountains of Bulgaria are stretches of several European tourist routes: E-3, E-4 and E-8. In addition, it is near mountains often there are large nature reserves. Here you can enjoy plenty of fresh air, Hiking and unity with nature.

Thirdly, there are many thermal springs known for their healing properties. Having your home in the mountains, You do not need to use the services of the Spa sanatoriums.

And another advantage - sights. Many buildings and historical sites are found in mountainous areas.

All this together allows you to enjoy life in the mountains literally all year round.

Material gain. Possessing such a great number of benefits and opportunities to spend time in the mountains, the owner of a mountain property can get substantial income from tourists. In his absence or year round home owner can rent their flats for rent. The greatest demand among tenants the object is to use in the snow time, that is during the ski season. The closer the house is to the ski track, the more expensive it can be taken. In high season you can earn at lease not less than$ 1,000 a month.

The standard of living. Mountains mountains strife. And Bulgaria is no exception. 's impossible to say what level of life awaits those who buy a house in the mountains. Near popular ski resorts with well-developed infrastructure, shops, schools, restaurants, hotels, medical centers and good road links. And deep in the mountains on a well-developed infrastructure to count, however. The quality of roads suffers, entertaining base too. Here are its advantages: quiet, peace, purity, the absence of crowds of tourists.

The liquidity of real estate. Buying a house in the mountains for themselves or for profit, any buyer thinks about the liquidity of real estate: if I can help out in the sale of this facility the amount spent or even more? It all depends on the location of the house, proximity to the resort, the big city or the city's infrastructure level. Plays a role and the quality of construction. For investors looking to earn income from home in the mountains of Bulgaria, it is better to pay attention to the options located near the prospective resorts. According to analysts expected a rise of prices per square.

How much will a house in the mountains?

In the matter of real estate prices in the mountains, everything is also, as in other areas of Bulgaria. You can buy cheap “killed” housing, you can buy expensive luxury Villa with furniture and appliances.

But let's be specific. Small empty house with good walls, but still unfit for residence, with land can be purchased for 6 000 €, if it is in the village. But it's not all of Your expenses. You will need overhaul, creating the heating system, purchase of furniture and appliances, landscaping. This option is ideal for those who cannot invest too much money. Repair work can be carried out gradually.

You can consider more expensive. In the town of Sandanski has a good suggestion: this spacious two-storey house for 55 000 €, partly furnished, good condition, no repairs needed, inside or out, ready to move in. Total area - 250 sqm

Well, for those who have large financial resources, the proposal will be attractive in Pamporovo: Villa for sale in Cassiopeia complex for 81 000 €. Area - 110 sqm Location - on top of a hill. The house is furnished and ready to move in. From the window overlooking the mountains.

How to buy a house in the mountains in Bulgaria?

Although the process for buying and selling a home is no different from purchasing an apartment, it's worth to consider one feature. According to the Bulgarian legislation, foreign citizens have no right to purchase land plots. But there is one “but”. This law applies only to individuals. Being a legal entity You can begin the buying process. It has no value, whether are You the owner of the firm or its co-founder.

As you can see, there is no doubt that to purchase a home in the mountains of Bulgaria or not. It only remains to choose the area of Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin or Strandja.


Alexander, seller (Russia)

The transaction went well, safely. I am completely satisfied with their work.

Read full 16-09-2022
Valentina, buyer-seller (Russia, Saint Petersburg)

Very clear, responsible, fast, wonderful.

Read full 31-08-2022
Olga buyer from Ukraine, Dnipro

Thank you very much for our beautiful little house by the sea.

Read full 15-06-2022
Michael, seller (Russia)

Thank you very much! You sold our apartments in Bulgaria in a

Read full 06-06-2022
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