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Review of Isabelle from Germany on the purchase of property in sunnyRead full review

15-02-2023Natalia, buyer (Germany)

We are very satisfied. I advise everyone. Contact the Bulgarian House.

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01-02-2023Gennady and Marina, buyers (Israel)

Many thanks to Bolgarskiy Dom for resolving all our issues.

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19-01-2023Igor, buyer (Israel)

I was accompanied everywhere. In general, the service is 100%!

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Bulgarian property for Ukrainians

Against the backdrop of the tragic events in Ukraine, Bulgarian agencies register a surge in requests for the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria from Ukrainians. We have prepared an article that will help the citizens of Ukraine to navigate in Bulgaria, understand the purchase procedure, choose the best housing option, taking into account the needs and budget.

Why Ukrainians buy property in Bulgaria

Affordable property value.
Bulgaria is the best destination in terms of price-quality ratio in Europe. In 2022, you can buy a furnished studio in Bulgaria on the coast from 13,000 euros, a 2-room apartment - from 30,000 euros. Prices on average fluctuate between 500-800 euros per square meter, in the premium segment they exceed 1000 euros per square meter. m.

Location, ease of transaction, high demand for real estate.
Bulgaria is favorably located in relation to Ukraine. In this country, in order to purchase a residential property, you only need a valid passport. Resort housing can be easily rented out during the bathing season, and if desired, sold, given the high demand and the limited supply of good properties on the market.

Attractive conditions for a residence permit
Bulgaria is the European Union, and in the future a member of the Schengen area. European legislation and EU legal norms apply here.
Now Bulgaria provides citizens of Ukraine with the status of a residence permit for 1 year with the possibility of extension. There is also a program that allows foreign pensioners with sufficient income to obtain permanent residence permit status.

related culture and language.
Slavic culture is close to Ukrainian in spirit. Moreover, there is practically no language barrier here. Now there are many Ukrainians in Bulgaria, in the famous Bulgarian resorts there are entire blocks of Russian-speaking immigrants from the CIS, and many local residents know Russian well.

Features of the housing market in Bulgaria

Individuals with foreign citizenship are prohibited from acquiring land ownership.

Bulgaria has a ban on the acquisition of land for individuals who are not EU citizens. Therefore, if you want to buy a house, you must first register a company in Bulgaria and register a land plot as a legal entity. There are no such difficulties with buying an apartment in the complex.

The cost of opening a company is (300 euros). The time frame is approximately 3-4 weeks. Also, to open a company, you need to open a company account in a bank (banks ask for this service - 300-400 euros).

The system for calculating the living area of ​​an object is different.

In Bulgaria, the real area of ​​a residential property differs from that indicated in the cadastral document. It's all about the calculation method: the total footage of an apartment in Bulgaria includes the thickness of the external walls and the share of the owner in the common areas of the building (terrace, stairwell, elevator).

Before buying an apartment, check this aspect with the agency manager.

It is unrealistic to get a mortgage, but installment plans are possible.

Bulgarian banks give mortgage loans only to citizens of Bulgaria and other EU countries. Mortgage is almost impossible to issue a citizen of Ukraine.

However, a Ukrainian can buy an apartment in installments for a period of 1 to 3 years, and in some residential complexes - up to 10 years. This option applies only to the real estate segment from the developer. Read in detail about features of mortgages in Bulgaria

In residential complexes there is a support fee.

Support fee - an annual payment that is paid by all owners of apartments in a residential complex (similar to housing and communal services). This money is used for maintenance of the pool, scheduled repairs of the building, security, cleaning of common areas and the surrounding area. The size of the support fee depends on the area of ​​the apartment and is 8-15 euros per sq. meter per year.

In Bulgaria there is housing without maintenance fee . This segment includes ordinary city apartments in Nessebar, Burgas or Varna or private houses. However, such properties are 30% more expensive and more difficult to rent to tourists. Moreover, it will be difficult for people who do not know Bulgarian to negotiate with their neighbors about paying for electricity for an elevator, lighting and repairs.

Real estate acquisition procedure

Object reservation .

You choose the property you like, make a reservation deposit (2000-3000 euros), sign a deposit agreement. This amount must be transferred to a special account on the basis of an agreement, using the services of a bank. The apartment is removed from sale, the process of preparing documents for the transaction begins.

Important: When buying real estate from a developer in installments, we conclude a preliminary agreement with the developer. The contract describes the terms of repayment of the entire amount by the buyer

Preparation of a package of documents. After making a deposit, the seller prepares a package of documents necessary for the notary completion of the transaction:

  • Certificate of appraisal value (issued by municipal authorities);
  • Help from the cadastral service;
  • Notarial deed of the seller;
  • Declaration of marital status;
  • Certificate of absence of tax debts (before the transaction, the manager of the company confirms orally or in writing that there are no debts on the support fee);
  • Certificate of absence of encumbrances.

From you, as a buyer, you only need a passport!

Notarial registration of the transaction. A month later, we conclude an agreement with a notary. The transaction is attended by the manager of the real estate agency, the seller, the buyer or their authorized representatives (if the transaction is carried out remotely by proxy). There is a full payment for real estate.

Registration of documents. A notarized contract of sale must be registered with the court and the Bulgarian Registration Agency. This takes 7 days after receiving the notarial deed. At the time of registration of the contract, the ownership rights are transferred to the buyer.

Within 2 months, the property is declared at the Municipal Tax Inspectorate by filling out a form and providing Bulstat numbers and a notarial deed.

Re-registration of contracts with utility providers.

On the basis of a notarial deed, support fee agreements are concluded with the owner of the complex, as well as with utilities for the supply of electricity, water and sewerage, and other services.

After you have chosen an object, you need 2 visits to our agency. The whole process takes 3-4 weeks.

1 visit:

Making a deposit, concluding a contract, preparing documents.

2 visit (in 2-4 weeks):

The main transaction and registration of documents.

7 days after the transaction, you will receive a deed of ownership registered in Bulstat at the notary and become the full owner of the property in Bulgaria. We take care of all the paperwork. is the largest real estate agency on the coast in Bulgaria. We have been working since 2008, in the catalog on our website there are more than 7000 apartments, studios, houses and villas. We guarantee 100% security, the best price, full transaction support, help in settling in a new place of residence.

Our clients from Ukraine

Alexander and Oksana
From: Ukraine
Region: Saint Vlas
From: Ukraine
Region: Saint Vlas

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Where is the best place to buy a house in Bulgaria

Are you planning to move to Bulgaria for temporary residence or permanent residence?

In this case, it is better to buy property in one of the major cities: Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Nessebar, or Pomorie. If you want to take a break from the noise of the city, real estate in large resorts near the coast is suitable. In recent years, the infrastructure of resort complexes has developed enough for year-round living.

Do you want to buy a property in Bulgaria in order to earn money by renting out housing or profitable resale?

It is worth looking for apartments in residential complexes in the developed resort areas of the country: Sunny Beach, St. Vlas, Nessebar. This is where the largest number of tourists in the season. As for the ski resorts, Bansko is the undisputed favorite! If you want to buy a house, it is better to choose developed villages in the suburbs of Varna and Burgas.

For this purpose, it is better to buy an apartment no cheaper than 40,000 - 50,000 € in one of the popular tourist complexes, which is located close to the coast (no more than 400 meters). But when purchasing real estate in a ski area, it is important to consider the distance of the apartment to the ski lift!

Read the tips for those who want to buy property in Bulgaria with a view to its subsequent rental!

You are pensioners and want to buy inexpensive housing for permanent residence!

For retirement in Bulgaria, large cities on the coast with developed infrastructure (Varna or Burgas) or their suburbs are suitable. Real estate in the South in Burgas region is cheaper than in Varna. You can buy an apartment in ordinary apartment buildings without a support fee, but it is better in developed residential complexes with good territory and security. In the second case, there is always someone to ask (the manager) if there are any problems.

Find out more about real estate in Bulgaria for pensioners!

What budget do you have?

Property prices in Bulgaria directly depend on the location (both the region and the coast). For example, an apartment or a villa in the resorts of the Burgas region is cheaper than similar housing in the Varna region.

If your budget is not more than 25,000 €, then it is better to look for options in Sunny Beach. With a budget of 30,000-40,000 €, you can consider real estate in St. Vlas, Nessebar, Ravda, Byala, Tsarevo, Pomorie, or buying an apartment in Burgas and Varna near the sea!

Answers to popular questions of Ukrainians about real estate in Bulgaria

What are the costs incurred by the buyer of real estate?

In addition to the price of the object itself, the buyer bears the following costs:

  • Municipal tax on the transfer of ownership (3% of the value in the notarial deed);
  • Notary services (no more than 1.5% of the price of the object);
  • Registration of an object in the "Application" service (0.1% of the cost of the object);
  • Post-sale property registration (up to 300 €).

Read our article: Property Maintenance Costs in Bulgaria

What is the procedure for entering the territory of Bulgaria?

Now citizens of Ukraine are allowed into Bulgaria with any identity document (foreign passport, internal passport), subject to mandatory registration at the police station upon arrival in the country.

How can a citizen of Ukraine get a residence permit, permanent residence?

In the current situation, the Bulgarian government has simplified the stay of Ukrainians in Bulgaria. To obtain a residence permit for a year with the possibility of extension, a citizen of Ukraine must register at the police station at the place of residence and receive an individual number (such as a residence permit).

For questions about residence permit and Bulgarian citizenship, you can consult with our manager.

How and in which Bulgarian bank is it better to open an account for a transaction?

Based on the individual number received by the police, a citizen of Ukraine can open an account in any Bulgarian bank. We recommend Raiffeisenbank as it offers Ukrainians free account maintenance.

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Review of Isabelle from Germany on the purchase of property in sunny

Read full 16-03-2023
Natalia, buyer (Germany)

We are very satisfied. I advise everyone. Contact the Bulgarian House.

Read full 15-02-2023
Gennady and Marina, buyers (Israel)

Many thanks to Bolgarskiy Dom for resolving all our issues.

Read full 01-02-2023
Igor, buyer (Israel)

I was accompanied everywhere. In general, the service is 100%!

Read full 19-01-2023
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