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17-05-2024Natalia (Germany)

If someone wants to buy a property in Bulgaria, then contact thisRead full review

10-05-2024Julius and Galina (Israel)

100% of our wishes were satisfied. I recommend everyone to contact BolgarskiyRead full review

16-04-2024Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company BolgarskiyRead full review

10-04-2024Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helpedRead full review

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Property for Belarusians

In the last few years the specialists of the real estate market in Bulgaria see rapid growth in the number of buyers from Eastern Europe, including Belarus.

European resorts, pristine beaches, favorable climate, developed infrastructure, modern buildings and some of the lowest property prices in Europe are just a few of the main reasons why the Belarusians are actively interested in the Bulgarian housing.

If You want to buy a property in Bulgaria, then this article, you will learn:

  • How to get a visa to Bulgaria?
  • How to get to Bulgaria from Belarus?
  • How much is a property in Bulgaria?
  • What is the procedure for buying Bulgarian property?


Citizens of the Republic of Belarus to enter the territory of Bulgaria are required to obtain a Russian visa, the design of which should apply to the Consular service of the Embassy of Bulgaria address: Minsk, Svobody square 11.

Consular fee* visa type "a", "b" and "C" is 60 €, and for a long-term visa D - 120 €.

*children under 12 years stay free of charge.

If You have a valid multiple Schengen visa allows you to enter the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria without opening the national visa!

To obtain assistance in obtaining a Bulgarian visa


When the visa is in your pocket you can think about how to get to Bulgaria by plane, by train, by bus or by car.

The plane

Minsk To Bourgas
price - 321 €;
flight time is 9 hours and 45 minutes (change in Moscow).

Minsk – Varna
price – 209 €;
the flight time is 23 hours and 50 minutes (layover in Moscow).

Gomel – Varna
price – 217 €;
flight time is 24 hours and 30 minutes (connection time in Minsk and Moscow).

To order tickets on a scheduled or Charter flights to Bulgaria!

By bus

Bus tours to Bulgaria from Minsk abound.

The average price of a ticket from Minsk to Varna, Albena, Golden Sands, Kranevo and other Bulgarian resorts is $ 90-115 € per person (roundtrip).

The time – average 40 hours!

By train

From Minsk to Varna should direct the summer train (weekly on Wednesdays from Minsk and on Fridays from Varna):

  • ticket price: 56 €;
  • the journey time is 1 day 15 hours 20 minutes.

In the composition of the RLPbuildings no dining car, so will need to stock up food for 40 hours or more. The cars are air conditioned and provide comfort throughout the journey!


From Minsk to Bulgaria can be reached by car by following the most direct route: Minsk – Gomel – Chernigov – Kiev – Odessa – Bolgrad – Vulcanesti (Moldova) – Galati (Romania) – Constanta – Dobrich (Bulgaria).

However, to avoid border crossings and tedious standing at customs, it is better to not choose the direct route, and to travel around Moldova: Minsk – Exactly – Chernivtsi – Suceava (Romania) – Constanta – Mangalia – Dobrich.


The prices of Bulgarian properties directly depend on the type of housing and region. For example, affordable housing is available to buy in Sunny Beach. The following table will help You to understand the prices:

Check out the ready-made solutions (apartments and flats) from 20 000 to 30 000 €

The process of buying Bulgarian property consists of such stages as:

  • the choice of the object;
  • the its due diligence;
  • the object reservation (from 1000 to 2000 €);
  • the conclusion of the preliminary contract;
  • the signing of the notarial act;
  • registration of the object in the BULSTAT register.

Learn more about the process of buying property in Bulgaria!


Our buying guide contains lots of useful information for anyone planning to buy a home in Bulgaria. Also You can always ask for advice to the managers of the company "BolgarskiyDom" at the following numbers: + 375 (29) 528-43-17 (Minsk),+7 495 544 50 28 (Moscow),+359 876 181 282 (Sunny Beach).

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Natalia (Germany)

If someone wants to buy a property in Bulgaria, then contact this

Read full 17-05-2024
Julius and Galina (Israel)

100% of our wishes were satisfied. I recommend everyone to contact Bolgarskiy

Read full 10-05-2024
Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company Bolgarskiy

Read full 16-04-2024
Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helped

Read full 10-04-2024
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