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16-04-2024Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company BolgarskiyRead full review

10-04-2024Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helpedRead full review

27-03-2024Valery (Russia)

I am very pleased that everything was fair, professional, and polite.

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20-03-2024Irina and Andrey (Germany)

The brokers and lawyers work very well and correctly. It's nice toRead full review

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Property in Bulgaria for Lithuanian citizens

In English lietuvių kalba
 Property in Bulgaria for Lithuanian citizens

In 2022, we noted a record increase in demand for holiday properties by the sea in Bulgaria from Lithuanians. In early 2023, the trend continued. Applications from Lithuanian citizens continue to be actively received by us.

Who submits applications? Lithuanians who:

  • They want to have a studio / apartment within walking distance from the beach and have a family vacation in the summer on the warm Black Sea, and not the cold Baltic.

  • They are thinking about moving to Bulgaria after retirement, in order to be able to live inexpensively by the sea and indulge in delicious, fresh fruits almost all year round.

  • We would like to profitably invest small savings in European real estate by the sea.

If you are interested in buying a holiday home on the coast of Bulgaria, this article is specially prepared for you!

Why do Lithuanians buy property in Bulgaria?



In Bulgaria, studios, two- and three-room apartments, as well as houses and cottages are much cheaper than in Greece, Spain or Montenegro.

Actual housing prices in May 2023 in popular resort cities in Bulgaria:

Studio 2-room apartment 3-room apartment
from €34,000
from €48,000
from €89,000
sunny Beach
from €19,000
from €35,000
from €39,000
Saint Vlas
from €30,000
from €49,000
from €51,000
from €42 900
from €47 500
from €60,000
from €33 500
from €46 500
from €56 900
from €40,000
from €46 700
from €97,000
from €66 900
from €70,000
from €105 500
from €45,000
from € 58 000
from €82,000
from €50,000
from €90,000
from €120,000


Housing by the sea can bring a stable rental income. Every year, from the beginning of June to mid-September, several million tourists from the CIS countries and Europe come to Bulgaria for vacation. In 2022, about 10 million people vacationed at local resorts. Many rent housing rather than stay in hotels. In Sunny Beach, renting a studio costs from €30 per day, and €50 for a kopeck piece.

Svetlana Rozgon, Director of Human Resources at BolgarskiyDom:

“Our managers are well aware of which objects are in high demand among tourists. We will help you buy a studio or apartment that will bring good rental income. We will honestly, objectively voice the advantages and disadvantages of the objects we like. We will give advice and help you make a promising choice.”

In 2022, resort property prices in Bulgaria reached a record peak in the last 10 years. The market continues to experience high demand that exceeds supply. Experts predict a slowdown in price growth, but there are no prerequisites for a sharp drop in the cost per square meter.

Anna Pisareva
Anna Pisareva, Sales Director of BolgarskiyDom:

“We have been operating in the resort real estate market in Bulgaria for many years. We know the trends very well. We understand which housing is the most promising for investment. By partnering with us, gain access to our market expertise. Let us help you make the right choice."

What kind of real estate do Lithuanian citizens choose to buy?

Lithuanians often buy small studios or apartments with two or three rooms near the Black Sea coast. Prefer objects 10-20 minutes from the beach. Country houses or private villas are less often interested.

In the top demand is the municipality of Nessebar . From Lithuanians, we receive applications for the selection of housing in Nessebar itself, as well as in Sunny Beach and St. Vlas. There is not one supermarket, many restaurants and cafes. The transport infrastructure is well developed. The hospital is working. There is a fire department. Several banks. Near the international airport in Burgas (half an hour by car).

in Sunny Beach Many modern apartment hotels have been built over the past few years. It's easier to find the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Lovers of a relaxing holiday and mountain scenery choose St. Vlas .

Who, apart from Lithuanians, buys property by the sea in Bulgaria?

citizens German buy three-room apartments, houses and cottages on 2-3 lines from the sea. Less interested in studios.

Poles are more likely to buy two- and three-room apartments in new apart-hotels, near which there are grocery stores

Israelis usually buy small studios or two-bed apartments to spend their summer vacations at the seaside, and also rent out these residential properties at other times.

The British are interested in apartments with two or three rooms. The purpose of the purchase is to spend a summer vacation with the family or to live permanently by the sea in retirement.

Taras Rozgon
Taras Rozgon, CEO of BolgarskiyDom:

“A couple of years ago, resort housing in the south of the country was most often purchased by Russians. However, the latest events of 2023 have affected the real estate market - citizens of the Russian Federation began to sell their apartments and houses. As a result, Europeans became the main buyers.”

What should a Lithuanian know about the process of buying a home?

The stages of the sale and purchase transaction are simple and transparent. After the start of the pandemic, transactions are often carried out remotely.


Choice of housing

A convenient filter will help you select objects by several parameters. To get acquainted with the object, you can view the photo. On the map you can see the location of the object. After you select several options, we can organize their viewing.

Taras Rozgon
Taras Rozgon, CEO of BolgarskiyDom:

“We understand that only photographs and marks on the map of the location of the object are not enough to fully understand its condition, as well as the infrastructure next to it. We can send videos from the apartments you like. We also offer a video tour of the area.


Booking an object

When a property is selected for purchase, a booking agreement must be concluded with the seller. A security deposit of €3,000 must be paid.

To pay the deposit, and then the rest of the amount for the apartment, you will need a Bulgarian bank account.

The amount of the advance will be taken into account when paying the total cost of the apartment. The advance payment is placed in our agency's bank account until the deal is closed. If the transaction does not go through due to the fault of the seller, the amount of the booking deposit will be returned to your account.

Alexander Kotov
Alexander Kotov, Deputy Director of BolgarskiyDom:

“Payment of the deposit is preceded by an online check of the object. We are convinced of legal purity. By the day the contract is signed, we will receive a legal document from the court.”


Contract signing

Within a month after the conclusion of the preliminary contract and the preparation of all necessary documents, the sale will be formalized at the notary's office. Immediately after the signing of the transaction, it will be necessary to pay the remaining amount for the selected housing, minus the amount of the paid deposit. After 7 days you will be provided with a notarized certificate of ownership of the apartment.


Utility contracts

It is necessary to sign a new contract with the management company that maintains the apartments. You also need to update contracts for water, electricity, internet and other services.

Support fee rate - from 6 to 15 euros per square meter.

What will be the costs of maintaining the property?

  • Housing tax - from 0.15% to 0.25% of the value of the object.

  • Utility tax - from 0.14% to 0.45%.

  • Management company services - from 6 to 15 euros per square meter.

  • Electricity - during the day €0.061 per kWh, at night €0.071 per kWh.

  • Water supply: €2.5 per cubic meter.

How to move from Lithuania to Bulgaria?

Given your EU citizenship, you can get a simplified residence permit scheme in Bulgaria . Then renew every year for five years. After that, you can apply for permanent residence status .

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Oleg (Ukraine)

I want to say a huge thank you to the company Bolgarskiy

Read full 16-04-2024
Andrey (Russia)

We had a very difficult deal to sell the apartment. Anna helped

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Valery (Russia)

I am very pleased that everything was fair, professional, and polite.

Read full 27-03-2024
Irina and Andrey (Germany)

The brokers and lawyers work very well and correctly. It's nice to

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