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23-07-2021Vladimir, buyer (Germany)

I made a deal to buy an apartment through BolgarskiyDom, I'm happy.

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16-07-2021Victoria, buyers (Germany)

We are very pleased, everything went with a bang, we recommendRead full review

09-07-2021Lydia, customer (Stuttgart, Germany)

Everything is clear, everything is professional, we were satisfied with everything,Read full review

07-07-2021Evgeniya, salesperson (Moscow, Russia)

I was well served by the managers of this company, AnnaRead full review

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The best sea resorts in Bulgaria to buy property

Bulgaria is a small country on the coast of the Black sea with rather clean air (there is no heavy industry, a well-developed agricultural sector) and cheap resort housing.

The demand for Bulgarian property over the past 5-7 years remains relatively high, particularly among Russians. It is the mental roots, one religion, a close kitchen and an understanding of the language (many speak or understand Russian).

Additional plus is the proximity to other European countries and cheap flights between countries in Eastern and Western Europe.

Where is the best place to buy property in Bulgaria, when it comes to seaside resorts? Meets Alexander Kotov, head of sales Department of real estate Agency "Bulgarian House".

Alexander Kotov, head of the sales Department of a company BolgarskiyDom:

Many of our compatriots visited earlier in Bulgaria and have already made a choice in favor of certain resorts. My article will be more useful to people that were not there previously and were based on information seen or heard on the Internet or somewhere else. And here's something to think about.

The fact that promotional products and myths are filled with the Internet and reviews written by people. Some interpretiruya information as profitable for them, often for advertising purposes. Subsequently, people not understanding, making a choice that can cost them, as a minimum, time and money.

A sound approach to the selection of properties on the sea?

It is important to prioritize and understand what it is you want. Many of our clients often repelled by the criteria of "close to sea", "cheaper", "apartment complex with amenities."

Before you make a choice, let's dive into the history of the Bulgarian resorts as they appeared, much different. This will help to decide the future of a place of seasonal or permanent residence.

As developed sea resorts in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian sea resorts are relatively young. By and large they appeared 60-70 years ago and looked accordingly to their time. They imprinted the years of the socialist past and the understanding of mass rest "of the Builder of communism."

Resorts there in the vicinity of large cities, Varna and Burgas, as it does not have its own infrastructure. The shops were, of course, but not in this modern sense as a super-hypermarkets. By and large they depended on the cities near which they were located with the natural landscape. So there were Golden Sands near Varna and Sunny beach near Bourgas.

Modern growth 2000 -2010 thdy, when these resorts increased two to three times. Development of highly compacted, acquired contours that we see today. They invested enormous resources, and the complexes were grown by leaps and bounds.

In the process of development of resorts began to acquire urban features, there are pharmacies, hospitals, shops, public transport. From the dead summer Bungalow resorts have turned into small towns where the life never stops, even in winter.

However, this was not enough to create a complete infrastructure. Time passed and growth has led to a merger into a conglomerate of several resort towns. For example, going from Sveti Vlas, you will not notice as you will get in Sunny beach, then in Nessebar and close to Ravda.

It was like his fingers where the fingers are towns, and the palm is a place of intersection, which began to appear in large supermarkets Lidl, Master House, Janet. This allowed the resorts to get to a new level.

However, this is only one side of the coin. As a result of urbanization lost the privacy or individuality of the resorts (they are all the same type).

Which seaside resort to choose?

Remote from major cities mini-resorts such as Sozopol, Lozenets, Sinemorets, Chernomorets, Ahtopol, Albena, Varna, Tsarevo feature beautiful landscapes, pristine nature, wild beaches.

However, in terms of infrastructure corresponding to modern requirements of the tourism, they are significantly behind their larger counterparts. It is their peculiarity, but that does not make them better or worse.

Here lies the answer to the question "how to choose a property on the sea." It all depends on the purpose of purchase of apartments:

  • Some are attracted by nature, the relative calmness and diversity of service.
  • Someone looking for peace and natural environment after the bustling metropolis.
  • Someone is considering a resort property as an investment for the purpose of recreation and lease.

Property in Bulgaria for holidays and rental: what to consider?

If your goal is investment and profit through the rental of and maintenance of liquidity, you should consider not only the city itself, but also the specific complex. After all, they are all different, different budgets.

How to choose a residential complex?

I advise clients in such cases to pay attention to those systems that are built right management and PR of their sites. It is no secret that advertising - the motor trade, and this thesis is not spared, and tourism.

There are many known systems that invest earned money in advertising. Buying one of them is always a high level of customer service, always claimed��t and liquidity.

Conclusion: Remember, to sell and deliver a quality product is much easier than forgery. Today the customer is spoilt for their money wants of the service at a high level. And this is true.

Roughly speaking, buying an apartment in Bulgaria in the untwisted complex, you can always rent it. Tenants by choice are often based on feedback and evaluation of the rental system such as "Booking", "AirBNB" and "VPUT". Buying a similar property in an unknown complex, in the small, remote from civilization, the town may simply remain without attention. This does not mean that people will not go to small cities, but the demand for rental they will fall until they pulled up their level.

If we talk about cities they like and complexes differ in their own level, and not only in terms of infrastructure and the availability of historical and architectural attractions. For example, the ancient town of Nessebar and Sozopol will always gather many tourists, and conquer its virgin. Because here everything is steeped in history - from homes to bridge streets.

To recap the above:

When you have determined for yourself that the purchase of the Bulgarian property – is not only recreation, but also rental income, which requires maintaining liquidity of assets, then it will be easier to choose a place. The priority of resort towns such as Sunny beach, St. Vlas, Sozopol, Golden Sands. Which one to choose depends on your taste and wallet. Prices in these resorts also differ. Consider the features of two popular resorts.


Солнечный берег в Болгарии

Most mass-produced and relatively inexpensive is considered the Sunny beach. The cheapness and availability makes it worse than other resorts in Bulgaria. Low price tag is due to the large choice of accommodation - from cheap apartments to openly budget homes to luxury apartments worth a couple of hundred thousand euros. This allows virtually any buyer to find a housing option according to your budget.

Infrastructure and just a giant beach 8 km long makes Sunny Beach a leader of the black sea coast of Bulgaria.

I often hear that Sunny beach is visited by many people and it is very noisy. I say, Yes, come, well, it's a well-known resort and so it should be. All bad when the resort is not full of tourists or property owners.

Besides, Sunny beach is devided into two parts. In one concentrated OTE��and the whole noisy night life, but in another part of the complexes, which are home owners and their guests.

This allows you to combine and divide the active phase and the entertainment and relaxing stay. Each person chooses what leisure time he like. Just pay attention again to the complex, their level of support, and not to buy based solely on price.


Святой Влас

After Sunny beach, you quietly find yourself in Sveti Vlas and it becomes immediately clear that the architecture and the landscape has changed a little bit.

The city is located on the slope of Stara Planina mountain and on the perimeter immersed in a conservation area, covered with forests of oak and pine. Due to mountainous terrain many of the apartments have a sea view (not only first line). The resort of Sveti Vlas can be considered a segment of "luxury" on the black sea coast of Bulgaria. Here everywhere the new road around the city – lighting.

The city is crowned by the Marina, included in the top 100 ports in the world. Him moor the yacht owners and travelers just. Accordingly, the apartments here are of a different level, and correspondingly higher and price.

The crisis of recent years, prices in the secondary market in Sveti Vlas, a few fell, and it pushes customers to purchase real estate. The price difference between Sunny beach is approximately 30 percent. Many buyers who are budget allows, try to buy apartments in Sveti Vlas.

Rent in this city are always in demand, and the profitability of such housing is proportional to the price. That is the main problem when buying an apartment to rent – "to find a good cheaper, in a better place". This is what our Agency.

One can say with certainty. Now purchasing an apartment in Saint Vlas on the lower price bracket, you have a greater margin of safety, waiting for the market growth.

Will the growth of the Bulgarian market in the segment of real estate on the sea?

"Yes, of course. Well, look, resort cities have limited space, they have nowhere to develop. The coastline is limited by the sea, and the question of crisis is temporary. People will always go to rest, sooner or later the crisis will pass. The panic will pass and everything will return to normal.

We've survived more than one crisis, in 2008 and earlier. And when you consider that Bulgaria is in the EU and is on the verge of entering the Euro, on the basis of the experience of the countries have passed this way, it becomes clear that the price increase is inevitable.

Look at the overall level of price growth over the past years in the cities of Bulgaria. Prices soared in a short period of times, and now the locals buy apartments on the sea. Trend adjustment cost is already running and growth will not take so long to wait."

In addition, take a look at the map of countries of the visitors to the resort, it is expanding and today is already in the list: Germany, England, Poland, Israel, Scandinavian countries, not to mention the permanent participants of the market, the immigrants from the CIS.


Vladimir, buyer (Germany)

I made a deal to buy an apartment through BolgarskiyDom, I'm happy.

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Victoria, buyers (Germany)

We are very pleased, everything went with a bang, we recommend

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Lydia, customer (Stuttgart, Germany)

Everything is clear, everything is professional, we were satisfied with everything,

Read full 09-07-2021
Evgeniya, salesperson (Moscow, Russia)

I was well served by the managers of this company, Anna

Read full 07-07-2021
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